Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Upcoming Rock Creek Watershed Management Project Meeting and Bacteria Blitz

Here are a few upcoming activities that I hope will interest you.

•On April 8th, at 7pm at the Traders and Farmers Bank Building in Addison we will have a Rock Creek Watershed Management Project Meeting. We will be presenting a draft of the Rock Creek Watershed Management Plan, and would really appreciate your help with putting on the finishing touches!

•On April 9th, at 6:30pm the Traders and Farmers Bank Meeting Room in Double Springs, we will be giving a short presentation of the results of the Bacteria Blitz (over 40 sites sampled on February 5-6th) during the Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy, Inc.(WCSLAI) Annual Meeting.

•On April 10th, at 9am at the Dodge City Restaurant in Cullman, we will be giving a similar presentation about the results of the February Bacteria Blitz during the Smith Lake Environmental Preservation Committee (SLEPC) Spring Meeting.

•We will have our Spring Bacteria Blitz Friday and Saturday, April 9-10th.

•We would like to offer Bacteriological and Water Chemistry Monitoring workshops for certification with Alabama Water Watch on Friday April 9th. We need at least 8-10 participants for the each workshop.

If you need more information or are interested in participating in the monitoring workshops or Bacteria Blitz, please contact Mona Scruggs at (251)282-9998.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

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Mike said...

Thanks for posting this information about the upcoming meetings on the Rock Creek Watershed, water testing classes, and the Spring Bacteria Blitz. We'll see you then.