Monday, December 14, 2015

Shortleaf Pine Initiative Announced

Mobile Hog Trap

Feral hog trap materials loaded on a trailer.

The Winston County Natural Resources Council has a feral hog trap that is available for loan.  Matt Brock, North Ala. Private Lands Technical Assistance Biologist with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, is shown here transporting a feral hog trap to a landowner's property in Addison.  The "mobile hog trap", as Matt calls it, consists of four-16 foot cattle panels, guillotine-style trap door, trigger, 12 t-posts, t-post driver, and a 16 foot utility trailer.  Matt can help the landowner check for feral hog damage, select a good trap location, and assist with the construction and operation of the trap.  Later, the landowner can disassemble it and return the trap, or purchase new trap materials and construct a new trap door to return to the council.  This trap has been used in the past with good results.  Landowners should also keep in mind that the EQIP program provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service has an incentive program to assist landowners with the cost of construction of feral hog traps.

Matt explains how a feral hog trap operates
at a feral hog meeting last year.

Farmer 101 Class to be Held in Cullman

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tennessee Shortleaf Pine Publication

Tennessee's Shortleaf Pine Publication will be very helpful for anyone in North Alabama or North Georgia that is managing shortleaf pine or establishing a stand.  Click here to see this pdf publication.