Tuesday, October 13, 2020

October WCNRC Meeting Postponed

Hello WCNRC  members. Progress is being made on video footage for FAWN virtually. At this time, there is not much new to report and some officers will be unavailable for our scheduled meeting this Thursday. We will postpone this month's meeting until November 19. We are working on getting FAWN t-shirts finalized and video packages done. If you have any questions or comments on FAWN,  you can reach out to WCNRC officers or to Zack. Thank you. Stay safe. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

WCNRC September Meeting Minutes

WCNRC September Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Mike Henshaw, Vice Chair, Zack Brannon, Mark Finley, Terri Finley, PJ Gossett, John Creed, Jimmy Madison


Mike opened the meeting and presented a letter from Maggie Johnston.  She has retired from Camp McDowell and is now over Wild South Alabama. The letter to the WCNRC asked for us to manage funds on behalf of Wild South until they get their 501 (c)(3) status.  Mike thought this would promote collaboration between both groups for projects concerning natural resources.  John Creed said we need to make sure our tax-exempt status is still up to date.  No one present remembered if it had been updated in the past 3 years.  Zack motioned to accept the handling of Wild South funds through the WCNRC treasury. John Creed seconded. None opposed. Motion passed. 

Zack gave an update on virtual FAWN.  Funds were received from Soil & Water in the amount of $1,000. Ernie Stevens is checking on the progress of the proposal to Conservation Officers for funding for this project as well.  Zack had purchased a Go Pro Camera and accessories for filming video clips.  An SD card was also purchased.  Jimmy Madison has extensive video editing experience and he is going to assist with video editing. He has recommended a video editing software to purchase and it should be bought before October.  Mr. Clements with Marion Forestry Commission had communicated with Zack that their group is also doing videos and wants to partner to collaborate. Zack said they plan to do 4 videos and Winston will do 4 videos but we want everyone that wanted to do a video to get to do it. So far we are looking at videos on Water Stream, Macroinvertebrates, Firewise, Bee Keeping.

Zack gave an update for Kerri in her absence.  4-H in the schools will look different this year due to Covid-19.  She will be making educational project kits for students.  One lesson that was requested by teachers was Ag-venture Pine Tree Farming. This is a video a 4-H Agent in Alabama made previously.  Along with the video lesson, Kerri would like to distribute pine trees to 4-Hers. Zack asked if the WCNRC would provide guidance on where and what type of trees and financial assistance if they were above budget.  Mike and John motioned to approve spending up to $200 for this project.  None opposed.

Mark Finley gave an update on the treasure forest.  At this time they are looking at doing the annual conference virtually, but a date has not been set.

Mike brought up a private landowner problem.  Where Curtis Mill Creek runs through private land atvs and rtvs are riding through and damaging the creek and private property. He asked for suggestions from the council.

Here is a Link for Nearpod Sample FAWN lesson. Give us some feedback on this example!

 Logon to: http://www.nearpod.comand enter the code PCSRX to try your hand at the self-paced student lesson on macroinvertebrates.


Pictured: Mike Henshaw, John Creed, Zack Brannon, Mark and Terri Finley

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

September Meeting Reminder

WCNRC will meet Thursday, September 17, 9:00 am at the Houston Rec. Pavilion. It is forecast to rain, but we should be ok under the shelter. We will work more towards finalizing FAWN for a virtual platform. Please attend if your schedule allows. Please plan to wear masks and social distance. 

Monday, August 31, 2020


WCNRC August Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Mike Henshaw, Vice Chair, Kerri Roberts, Secretary, Johnna Franks, Treasurer, Zack Brannon, Jimmy Madison, John Creed, Andy Scott, Casey Hammock, Brad Nail.

Guests present: Lisa Murphy, Robert Clement


Zack opened the meeting with discussion of FAWN (Firewise Awareness Week Now) delivered in an alternate format this year since schools cannot do field trips due to COVID-19.  We could replicate usual stations in a video/virtual format and deliver to the kids for the teachers to use. Kerri said Nearpod online learning platform is what Extension is using and it can incorporate video, quizzes and games. 

Zack said Alabama A&M have agreed to make a stream trailer video for FAWN use.  He will reach out to all past presenters to see if they are interested. Zack will set up the videoing and he and Kerri can assist with editing.  Andy S. said the forest service can help out and he can get crews in California to get some wildfire footage for the Firewise station. 

Mike asked if there could still be physical activity involved for the kids to be active and outdoors in a virtual FAWN program. Flag a Tree station was mentioned as a possibility for that.

Johnna gave the treasurer report: $8,635.85.

Zack said he would still like to give the kids a t-shirt and he could ask the Soil and Water District and the Conservation Officers for $1000/each donations to cover t-shirts and video editing software as they usually donate to FAWN annually. 

John Creed motioned to use the $2000 requested funds to continue doing FAWN in a different format this year. Mike seconded. None opposed. FAWN will move forward.

Andy reported the forest service is still working via telework for the most part and he is working on a virtual liaison panel meeting.  Bankhead recreation sites are all open except Houston Day Use. 6 employees are on fire detail in California right now.

Brad Nail reported on the WCNRC hosting a landowner workshop for 2021.  He said if it has an aquatic tie in he can pay for all of it. The council agreed to brainstorm ideas but let’s get through FAWN first.

Brad also reported on the culvert project. Thirteen sites of impaired culvert crossings in Winston County are being improved with over $500,000 in a NFWF (National Fish and Wildlife Foundation) grant and in kind donations.

Mike updated the council on the RAC committee. There were 2 applications submitted- one from Lawrence and one from Winston. Both were approved. The RAC committee really liked the Winston proposal due to the recreational tie in.

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting September 17, 9:00 at the Houston Rec Pavillion

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Meeting August 27

 Reminder: Meeting August 27, 9:00 at the Houston Rec Pavilion. 

Friday, August 7, 2020

Rescheduled: Winston County Natural Resources Council Meeting - August 27th - 9 AM - Houston Recreation Area

This meeting has been rescheduled to Thursday, August 27th at 9 AM at the Houston Recreation Area Pavilion. 

The Winston County Natural Resources Council will hold our monthly meeting on August 27th.  We will hold an outdoor meeting at the Houston Recreation Area Day Use Pavilion.  We will meet outdoors to ensure social distancing.  We will meet a 9:00 AM at Houston.