Thursday, March 21, 2019

March WCNRC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date 3/21/2019. Members in attendance: Mike Henshaw, Vice Chair, Kerri Roberts, Secretary, Andy Baril, Jeremy McDonald, Jimmy Madison

* Mike reported there is a storm spotter class tonight, March 21,  in Moulton.

* Jimmy announced the Smith Lake clean up will be at Clear Creek on April 10-11. Mike added they are still looking for more boats to help.

* Mike reminded us the Fishing Derby is June 1.  We want Lawrence County Natural Resources Council to be sure to attend. Kerri said she would let Donna Shanklin know the date.

* Mike said the RAC committee will be meeting in Montgomery on April 30. He will be attending.

* The Landowner Field Day was briefly discussed.  Mike will still coordinate with Bill Self to set up a pre-trip visit.  He wants Allison to be sure she can attend.  Jimmy said the Natural Bridge Meeting room should be a good location for the indoor portion.

* Jeremy announced the FFA Forestry competition will be on April 11 at Rabbit Town. The council approved to fund up to $400 for awards, equipment, travel or food for the event. This amount was more than previous years but Kerri had noted that the 4-H Shotgun Team would not be requesting money from the council this year because they had received Firewise funds.

* Jeremy added the Junior Ranger program at Payne Demo will be May 7 with rain date of May 8. The council approved to pay up to $150 for port o potties for the event.

* Kerri brought up discussion about Kevin England, a teacher at WCHS. He had contacted Allison and requested support for an Envirothon team to attend the state competition. The original number we heard needed was $730. Kerri contacted Kevin to get details prior to this meeting. He said the actual number was more like $950 and since he hadn’t received any funding support from any organization, they were not going to attend this year. The council decided the Envirothon team would be a worthy recipient of support and that they would support a team with up to $500 for 2020 if they decide to go next year.  Kerri will let Kevin know that news.

* Meeting adjourned. Next meeting April 18.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Next WCNRC Meeting

Reminder: March Winston County Natural Resources Council Meeting is Thursday, March 21, 9:00 am at the US Forest Service in Double Springs.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Renew Our Rivers Winston County Smith Lake Clean-Up

RENEW OUR RIVERS Smith Lake Clean-up Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy, Inc.,

Bankhead National Forest and Alabama Power Company need your help for a RENEW OUR RIVERS Lake Cleanup on Smith Lake April 10 & 11, 2019 Cleanup begins at 8:30 am Clear Creek Recreation Area Boat Ramp, Bankhead National Forest.

Volunteers with boats are needed to remove loose trash from Smith Lake sloughs and shoreline! Other volunteers not using their own boats may crew on the Alabama Power Company Renew Our Rivers boats and the Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy boat. Trash bags will be provided at the Clear Creek Recreation Area boat ramp at 8:30 am on 4/10.

Styrofoam, other large trash such as boat house parts, logs, and household garbage will NOT be accepted. This cleanup is only for small debris and loose trash that will fit into the collection bags.

Lunch will be provided. Bring drinking water, life jacket, gloves, sunscreen, insect repellent and a chair for lunch.

Contact Jim Eason 256-590-2388 or Allison Cochran 205-489-5111 for more information. To learn more about Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy, email

Friday, March 8, 2019

Learn & Burn Interactive Field Day


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

February WCNRC Meeting Minutes

Members present: Allison Cochran, Chairman, Mike Henshaw, Vice Chair, Johnna Franks, Treasurer, Kerri Roberts, Secretary, Andy Scott, Matt Brock, Jimmy Madison, John Creed, Casey Hammock, Travis McDonald, Lauranne James, Andy Baril, Kerry Clark

* Allison opened the meeting then stated that Travis would be leaving to be a Fish Biologist in Cherokee Tennessee. She stated he will be greatly missed and hard to replace. 
* Allison also reported the ANRC funding for putting on a landowner workshop is almost $1000. She asked the group for suggestions on landowner topics. Shortleaf pine, invasive species, water quality and CWD were discussed as possible topics. Mike said he will follow up with Bill Self to try and schedule another tour as a possible location for the meeting. Lauranne suggested that RC&D and Wade Hill with NRCS be involved in the landowner meeting. 
* Johnna gave the treasurer balance which is $13, 012.80
* Kerri and Mike reported about the new Americorp Vista, Sierra Newton, who has been hired by the Cullman Agriplex to work in Winston County.  Sierra will work on raised bed gardens that are already established in Winston County, a Farm Tour in June, and Farmer’s Market promotion. Allison stated we should invite her to upcoming WCNRC meetings. 
*  Lauranne reported that RC&D is trying to help ALFA start a young farmer’s group in Winston County.
*  Matt reported on CWD. He has given 3 talks about it in the last week. He will be glad to do a presentation at a landowner’s meeting in Winston County. For next hunting season we probably need a sample testing drop off location in Winston County.
*  Andy Baril noted that the Lawrence County Natural Resources Council (LCNRC) met on Feb. 19 and will meet again on March 19. They are trying to start up. Allison reiterated that our council needs to assist them. She said someone from the Forest Service will attend their meetings regularly. Andy also stated that Lawrence County FFA Forestry competition will be in April.
*  Andy Baril also noted there will be a private pesticide applicator meeting in Winfield on Feb. 27. 
*  Allison reminded us of the Fishing Derby date which is June 1. We will invite the LCNRC. Also, the NWTF is having a banquet on March 1 in Double Springs.
* Travis McDonald reported that Eastern Spotted Skunks have been found in the Bankhead. There is a researcher from Georgia doing research on their habitats.
* The meeting concluded with Andy Scott presenting the recently retired, Mike Henshaw,with a certificate of appreciation. The council also had cake to celebrate Travis’ new job. The council will greatly miss Travis and all his hard work in Winston County.

* Meeting adjourned. Next meeting March 21. 
February Meeting
Andy Recognizes Mike with Certificate

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Chronic Wasting Disease Publication

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has published a new publication titled Chronic Wasting Disease.  It is available for download at this link.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

WCNRC Meeting Minutes
January 2019
Members Present: Mike Henshaw, Vice Chair, Kerri Roberts, Secretary, Peter Gossett, Laurann James, John Creed, Casey Hammock, Andy Baril and guest Robert with AFC.

·      *    Mike gave an update on CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) test sites in NW Alabama.
·      *    Andy Baril also gave info on CWD. He said there are freezers in Lamar, Marion, Fayette, Franklin, Lauderdale, and Colbert counties for hunters to drop off deer brain specimens to be tested. It was discussed if Winston County needs one. The council thought perhaps next hunting season we could approach Matt Brock about the need for one.
·        Andy added that Matt Brock will be hosting a CWD workshop in Florence on February 12. It will be at the North Alabama Medical Center Meeting room at 6 pm.
·        Mike reported that Lawrence County is forming a natural resources council. They had their first meeting already. The next one is February 19 in Moulton. Mike suggested the WCNRC support and mentor them.  He suggested we offer to purchase food for a program. Members agreed.
·       *   Laurann suggested that AMR (Alabama Mountain and Rivers) would be a good member for the Lawrence County Council.
·        *  Kerri updated the council about the bus transportation for 6th graders from Double Springs, Addison and Meek schools. It was decided at the November meeting to provide bus funds equal to that which would have been spent for FAWN since they did not get to attend FAWN this year. Double Springs and Addison have both already used their funds to go on field trips. Addison went to the Princess Theater.
·       *   Mike informed us of an upcoming mushroom growing workshop in February at Camp McDowell.
·        *  Mike also gave an update on the possible Land Owner clinic at Bill Self’s property. He is waiting on Allison to be able to go scope out the location before scheduling the clinic.
·        *  Mike announced the Winston County Commission has approved FireWise funds, of which $5000 is allocated for the Fishing Derby and FAWN. He is also staying on the Alabama RAC (Resource Allocation Committee) after retiring and hopes to secure some more of those funds for Winston County.
·       *   Robert reported there will be a BMP Landowner Clinic February 12 in Hamilton.

·       *     Meeting Adjourned. Next meeting February 21.