Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Bankhead Liaison Panel Meeting

The Bankhead Liaison Panel will hold a public meeting on Thursday, May 10th.  The meeting will begin at 6 P.M. at the First National Bank in Double Springs.  The meeting topics include aquatic species surveys updates, rare plant community management, Southern Pine Beetle status and Sipsey Wilderness partnership projects.  Everyone interested in the management of the Bankhead National Forest is invited to attend the meeting.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Minutes of April Council Meeting

April 19, 2018

Members Present: Allison Cochran- Chair, Mike Henshaw- Vice Chair, Kerri Roberts- Secretary, Johnna Franks- Treasurer, Andy Baril, Blake Addison, Jeremy McDonald, P.J. Gossett, and J.D. Snoddy.

Main topic of discussion was the council’s upcoming Bark Beetle Control on the Bankhead NF and Adjacent Landowner Seminar. The seminar is Thursday, April 26, at the Hilton Walker Bank Building in Double Springs. Three CFE’s and three PLM’s were approved for loggers attending this seminar. Mike said information about it was mailed, emailed and put in the newspapers. Johnna said they will also promote it on their Alabama Forestry facebook page. The council agreed to purchase biscuits for those attending.

Updates from members:
Allison said there will be a Bankhead Liaison Panel meeting on May 10. Pine Beetles are the hot topic. She also said the Fishing Derby will be on June 9. This is the second Saturday in June instead of the usual first Saturday. She requested $1500 from the WCNRC. The funds were approved. She has also requested funds from the National Wild Turkey Federation. She said the Smith Lake Clean Up was a success and that the encapsulated styrofoam is proving to be a big and heavy problem. She also reported that the Forest Service has done prescribed burns on over 16,000 acres this year. Allison also mentioned that on May 17 there is a Sustainable Forest workshop in Muscle Shoals from 9:00am-4:00pm. She proposed that the WCNRC members attend as their May meeting. This was agreed upon by members. It was decided to carpool there.  Also mentioned was the hiring of Shane Haskins as the FS Recreation Director to replace Mike Cook. 
Mike Discussed the Firewise funding of the fishing derby and FAWN programs. He also discussed the Title 3 fund and RAC funds. We are still waiting to hear about the RAC funds and Andy Scott (not present) is working to finalize this funding. Mike reminded all about the Alabama Water Watch (AWW) training that will take place at the Arley Fire Department April 27-28. Mona Dominguez from Alabama Cooperative Extension System will be teaching that.
Johnna reported the balance of the checking account is $10,228.14 after depositing the Firewise Funds.
Kerri reported on the 4-H shotgun championships, which happened April 13-14. WCNRC had given $200 in support. Also mentioned was the upcoming 4-H County Round Up which is on Thursday, April 26. The council supported the bus transportation of that with $200.
Jeremy announced the Payne Demo will be on May 3, 9:45am-1:30pm. He requested money from WCNRC for port a potties. The Council approved up to $200 for those.  He also reported on the success of local Forestry FFA teams. Winston County won the county contest and was competing in District on Friday, April 20.
Andy suggested the WCNRC give Pine Bark Beetle Seminar participants a Southern Pine Beetle Booklet and was going to check on availability of a case.
J.D. asked for numbers of participants at WCNRC sponsored events to promote the council. He also suggested we include Camp McDowell on meetings and events and that we may want to look into promoting things in the Smith Lake Living magazine.
Blake noted that he had sold one stand of pine beetle timber so that was a positive.

The meeting adjourned and the May meeting will be Thursday, May 17, at the Sustainable Forest workshop in Muscle Shoals.

Kerri Roberts