Tuesday, February 26, 2019

February WCNRC Meeting Minutes

Members present: Allison Cochran, Chairman, Mike Henshaw, Vice Chair, Johnna Franks, Treasurer, Kerri Roberts, Secretary, Andy Scott, Matt Brock, Jimmy Madison, John Creed, Casey Hammock, Travis McDonald, Lauranne James, Andy Baril, Kerry Clark

* Allison opened the meeting then stated that Travis would be leaving to be a Fish Biologist in Cherokee Tennessee. She stated he will be greatly missed and hard to replace. 
* Allison also reported the ANRC funding for putting on a landowner workshop is almost $1000. She asked the group for suggestions on landowner topics. Shortleaf pine, invasive species, water quality and CWD were discussed as possible topics. Mike said he will follow up with Bill Self to try and schedule another tour as a possible location for the meeting. Lauranne suggested that RC&D and Wade Hill with NRCS be involved in the landowner meeting. 
* Johnna gave the treasurer balance which is $13, 012.80
* Kerri and Mike reported about the new Americorp Vista, Sierra Newton, who has been hired by the Cullman Agriplex to work in Winston County.  Sierra will work on raised bed gardens that are already established in Winston County, a Farm Tour in June, and Farmer’s Market promotion. Allison stated we should invite her to upcoming WCNRC meetings. 
*  Lauranne reported that RC&D is trying to help ALFA start a young farmer’s group in Winston County.
*  Matt reported on CWD. He has given 3 talks about it in the last week. He will be glad to do a presentation at a landowner’s meeting in Winston County. For next hunting season we probably need a sample testing drop off location in Winston County.
*  Andy Baril noted that the Lawrence County Natural Resources Council (LCNRC) met on Feb. 19 and will meet again on March 19. They are trying to start up. Allison reiterated that our council needs to assist them. She said someone from the Forest Service will attend their meetings regularly. Andy also stated that Lawrence County FFA Forestry competition will be in April.
*  Andy Baril also noted there will be a private pesticide applicator meeting in Winfield on Feb. 27. 
*  Allison reminded us of the Fishing Derby date which is June 1. We will invite the LCNRC. Also, the NWTF is having a banquet on March 1 in Double Springs.
* Travis McDonald reported that Eastern Spotted Skunks have been found in the Bankhead. There is a researcher from Georgia doing research on their habitats.
* The meeting concluded with Andy Scott presenting the recently retired, Mike Henshaw,with a certificate of appreciation. The council also had cake to celebrate Travis’ new job. The council will greatly miss Travis and all his hard work in Winston County.

* Meeting adjourned. Next meeting March 21. 
February Meeting
Andy Recognizes Mike with Certificate