Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 Archaeofest Held at Brushy Lake Recreation Area

Archaeofest is held in the Bankhead National Forest every two years. Jean Allan, the district archeologist, started the event in 2002. This year, about 300 people attended the event that features exhibits about Native Americans, early European settlers, and the importance of preserving archaeological sites. It is a family-friendly event that has many youth focused activities. The user fees for visitors at Brushy Lake Recreation Area were waived as part of the Public Lands Day event. Click here for a photo gallery of Archaeofest.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bear Cub's Severed Paw First Thought to be a Child's Foot

When a dog retrieved what first appeared to be a child's foot, authorities in the Russellville area were understandably upset. The foot was examined by a doctor, who confirmed that it came from a child. However, further tests revealed it was most likely from a bear cub.

We have had a number of incidents about bears in North Alabama recently. Here's some links to other articles.

Bear Killed in Athens, Alabama

Captive-born bear dumped in Bankhead National Forest

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Students at Winston County High School Start Invasive Plant Control Demonstration in Conjuction with 4-H Outdoor Classroom

Students in Mr. Byron Tuggle's Agri-Science Class are beginning a year-long demonstration to control privet on the Winston County High School Campus. With funding from the Northwest Alabama Resource Conservation and Development Council, they purchased herbicide for use in the demonstration. The demonstration is in cooperation with the Winston County Extension Office and the Winston County Natural Resources Council. The first phase of the treatment involves spraying an acre area of privet that circles around two fields and the nature trail. Students are learning about the undesirable effects of invasive alien plants and different techniques used in their control. The demonstration is also part of the school's 4-H Outdoor Classroom. More photos are here.

Double Springs Lion's Club Makes Contribution

The Double Springs Lions Club contributed $200.00 to the Winston County Natural Resources Council. The money will be used in paying for the busing of students to the FAWN Program at Houston Recreational Area.

Representative Jody Letson Allocates Funds for FAWN

Representative John "Jody" Letson allocated $200.00 to the Winston County Natural Resources Council for the 2008 FAWN Program. The monies will be used for bus transportation costs for students.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Council Tours Sherer Timber

Tim and Jessica Sherer hosted the Winston County Natural Resources Council on a tour of their operation. Sherer Timber buys timber from mostly small local loggers. They sort the logs and transport them to the appropriate mill. They also use some of the logs for their new firewood mill. This automated mill cuts and splits firewood which is then sold to individuals and re-sellers. Photos of our tour are here. Thanks to Tim and Jessica for hosting our group and serving us a delicious lunch.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Regional Forestry Field Day

The Alabama Natural Resources Council and the Alabama State Tree Farm Committee are hosting several regional forestry events and field days across the state. Everyone is invited to these field days to learn and see how to manage Alabama's forests for multiple uses.

The Regional Forestry Field Day in our area will be held on October 3, 2008 and is sponsored by Franklin and Colbert Counties. Contact Johnny Everitt at 256-383-4376 for more information and to register for the event.

September 27 is National Hunting & Fishing Day

Saturday, September 27, marks the 36th anniversary of National Hunting and Fishing Day, established by Congress in 1972 to celebrate hunters and anglers and their contribution to wildlife conservation.

Visit The Wildlife Society’s website to learn more about importance of hunting & fishing:


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Archaeofest at Brushy Lake, September 27th


Brushy Lake Campground - Bankhead National Forest
Saturday, September 27th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Archaeology Festival programs and exhibits will be family oriented and include stone arrowhead manufacture (flint knapping) and making prehistoric pottery, as well as, stone carving, blowgun and spear thrower (atlatl) demonstrations. Brushy Campground is located on an archaeological site, so there will be a small-scale archaeological excavation to show archaeological techniques and tools of the trade. “This Land is Your Land” is an anti-looting exhibit that will explain why archaeologists don’t want non-archaeologists to dig. “Living history” performers, wearing costumes of the early Southeastern Indians, will be set up in a small “camp”. Bankhead Forest’s legendary “Aunt Jenny Brookes” will be there to tell you her story. Members of Walton’s Battery, a “living history” Civil War re-enactment unit portraying the Civil War will be there with their cannon. There will be a “hands on” archaeology box for children, beadwork, and basket making. Other features include exhibits on What We Can Learn From Bones, Indian uses of Plants, Ancient Sky Watchers, and science and archaeology. We hope drumming by the White Horse Singers, will add to the festive atmosphere. There will be programs on cave archaeology, rock art, and information on protecting the past.

Food provided by the Double Springs Lions Club will be served at noon: hotdogs, soft drinks, and dessert. Everyone interested in archaeology is invited. The event is free to the public. Please bring lawn chairs and/or a blanket.

Directions: To get to Brushy Lake Campground from Double Springs, take Hwy. 33 north 17 miles to the Pine Torch sign and turn right. Follow the paved road and turn left at the sign pointing to Brushy Lake.
From Moulton, take Hwy. 33 south 9 miles to the Pine Torch sign and turn left. Follow the paved road and turn left at the sign pointing to Brushy Lake.

For more information call: (205) 489-5111 and ask about Archaeofest.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Winston County 4-H Shooting Sports

The Winston County 4-H Shooting Sports Club recently constructed a first-class skeet range using volunteer labor, a National Rifle Association Foundation Grant, and local donations of money and materials.  The value of the facility is estimated at over $50,000.  Tim Robinson, a 4-H parent and certified 4-H Shooting Sports instructor, is very proud of the facility, which is located on his property.  Robinson noted that he and the other parents wanted a place where the 4-H’ers could practice without having to set up a temporary range each time.  He says “This range will give us a safe and convenient place where we can spend some quality training time with 4-H’ers.  “We can come out here and shoot a couple of rounds after school with no down time.  Robinson added, “We can hold fund raisers here and even a have friendly competition with a neighboring 4-H Shooting Sports Club.”  In fact, Tim and fellow instructor, Kenny Robinson, recently invited Jay Conway, 4-H Regional Extension Agent, to bring the Cullman County 4-H Shooting Sports Team for a two-county competition.  The construction of the range is the result of a three-year partnership between the Winston County 4-H Shooting Sports Volunteers, the Winston County Extension Office, the 4-H Regional Extension Agent-Jay Conway, and the National Rifle Association Foundation.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bat Blitz 2008

The Bankhead National Forest hosted the SE Bat Diversity Network's annual Bat Blitz August 10-14. The Winston County Natural Resources Council assisted with the event by providing a donation and volunteer support. Seven species and 385 individual bats were captured, including the endangered Indiana and Gray bat.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Council Meeting and Tour of Sherer Timber

Please mark your calendar for Thursday, September 18th. We'll meet for our regular council meeting at 9:00 at the U. S. Forest Service Office. Then, we'll travel to Sherer Timber near Poplar Springs on Hwy. 195. Tim and Jessica Sherer will tell us about the operation and show us their new firewood mill. We'll plan to arrive at Sherer Timber at about 10:30 a.m. Jessica has offered to serve our group some homemade soup after the tour.

With rising propane, natural gas, heating oil, and electricity prices, interest in heating with wood is growing. Thanks to Tim and Jessica for hosting our group.