Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Archaeofest at Brushy Lake, September 27th


Brushy Lake Campground - Bankhead National Forest
Saturday, September 27th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Archaeology Festival programs and exhibits will be family oriented and include stone arrowhead manufacture (flint knapping) and making prehistoric pottery, as well as, stone carving, blowgun and spear thrower (atlatl) demonstrations. Brushy Campground is located on an archaeological site, so there will be a small-scale archaeological excavation to show archaeological techniques and tools of the trade. “This Land is Your Land” is an anti-looting exhibit that will explain why archaeologists don’t want non-archaeologists to dig. “Living history” performers, wearing costumes of the early Southeastern Indians, will be set up in a small “camp”. Bankhead Forest’s legendary “Aunt Jenny Brookes” will be there to tell you her story. Members of Walton’s Battery, a “living history” Civil War re-enactment unit portraying the Civil War will be there with their cannon. There will be a “hands on” archaeology box for children, beadwork, and basket making. Other features include exhibits on What We Can Learn From Bones, Indian uses of Plants, Ancient Sky Watchers, and science and archaeology. We hope drumming by the White Horse Singers, will add to the festive atmosphere. There will be programs on cave archaeology, rock art, and information on protecting the past.

Food provided by the Double Springs Lions Club will be served at noon: hotdogs, soft drinks, and dessert. Everyone interested in archaeology is invited. The event is free to the public. Please bring lawn chairs and/or a blanket.

Directions: To get to Brushy Lake Campground from Double Springs, take Hwy. 33 north 17 miles to the Pine Torch sign and turn right. Follow the paved road and turn left at the sign pointing to Brushy Lake.
From Moulton, take Hwy. 33 south 9 miles to the Pine Torch sign and turn left. Follow the paved road and turn left at the sign pointing to Brushy Lake.

For more information call: (205) 489-5111 and ask about Archaeofest.

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