Thursday, August 15, 2013

Planting Wildlife Food Plots Workshop

Spenser Bradley, NW Ala. Regional Extension Agent,
on role of food plots in wildlife management.

Wildlife food plots was the focus of a workshop held recently in Double Springs at the Emergency Operations Center.  24 people attended the program, which was certified for PLM points and CFE points for foresters.  The Winston County Natural Resources Council, the Winston County Commission, and a number of other cooperating agencies helped sponsor this program.
Andy Baril, Central Ala. Regional Extension Agent,
gives examples of food plot species.

Matt Brock, Wildlife Biologist on the Black Warrior
WMA, explains role of food plots on WMA.

Ernie Stephens, Conservation Enforcement Officer, explains changes to hunting laws.

Stephens gives examples of legal and illegal feeding stations under the new law.

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