Thursday, July 18, 2013

Minutes of the July Council Meeting

The Winston County Natural Resources Council met on July 18, 2013, at the U. S. Forest Service Office in Double Springs.  Present were: LaVerne Matheson, Johnna Franks, Allison Cochran, Tripp Gaskins, Matt Brock, Travis McDonald, Jeremy McDonald, Wade Hill, and James Burnett.  The following items were discussed:
  • Johnna reported that the balance in the treasury is $13,848.74.
  • Reviewed agendas and made changes for the following programs: Bankhead Herbicide Workshop, Planting Wildlife Food Plots, Invasive Plant Control, Recreational Fish Pond Workshop, and Management of Feral Swine in Winston County. 
  • Kudzu bug found in Winston County.
  • LaVerne mentioned that there would be a Rock Creek Watershed Meeting at the Traders and Farmers Bank in Addison on Thursday, August 15, at 6 p.m. 
  • Wade said that Addison received rainfall on July 4th, that exceeded a 100 year rainfall event.  11.2 inches fell in an 18 hour period.  This extreme event caused severe erosion, and damage to many county roads.  Wade said that one newly installed stream crossing that was part of the Rock Creek project was washed out, and will need repair.  The crossing was designed for a 50 year rainfall event.
  • LaVerne will address the Alabama Water Management Commission about concerns of lack of enforcement of septic tank regulations.
  • Matt mentioned that there will be several significant changes to hunting regulations this season.  Deer limits in North Alabama will change, there will be a mandatory game check for bucks and does, feeding deer rules, etc.
  • A rare pine snake was recently killed in Winston County.  It was unfortunate that it was killed, but it did provide evidence of a possible population of the species in the county.
  • James said a lightening strike destroyed all the phones, some of the computers, and a variety of other electrical equipment at the Double Springs Municipal Building.
  • Johnna said that AFC continues to lose personnel.  Casey Nichols with AFC in Marion County recently resigned.
  • Ember, the AFC law enforcement dog, is attending training and is doing very well.
  • Allison mentioned the pollinator shortcourse in Cullman is coming up soon.
  • Forest Road 208 is closed for construction.  Planning for the Forest Road 263 bridge is underway, but funding has not been received.
  • Jeremy said that Houston Rec. Area would be getting some needed improvements and maintenance.
  • Johnna mentioned that if anyone had a problem with an illegal dump, that the new remote camera is available.
  • Matt is seeking recently roadkilled poisonous snakes that can be mounted and used for educational programs.  The snakes would preferably be large and in good condition. 
  • LaVerne said that Dr. William Deutsch, Alabama Water Watch, has retired from Auburn University.  Dr. Sam Fowler will be over the program now.
Mike Henshaw, Secretary

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