Friday, July 12, 2013

Kudzu Bug Infestation Found in Addison

Kudzu Bug - immature
Kudzu Bug - adult

Kudzu bug has been found over most of the state, but Winston County was one of eleven counties that was thought to be kudzu bug-free, that is, until today.  While checking a kudzu patch with a sweep net, Charles Brannon and I found several of the adult bugs and one immature.  I sent these photos to Dr. Xing Ping Hu, an entomologist at Auburn University, and she confirmed that it is the kudzu bug, Megacopta crabraria.  

Dr. Xing Ping Hu, has some up to date information about the kudzu bug at this link.

The kudzu bug can be very damaging to soybeans.  It can also become a nuisance by invading homes to find hibernating sites, which causes problems similar to those caused by Asian lady beetles.

Three sites in Double Springs were checked and none where found at these sites.  They will almost certainly spread to every part of the state in the next few years.

Thanks to Charles Brannon of Addison for helping me sweep some of the sites for the kudzu bug.

Charles Brannon - Addison Farmer and Beekeeper

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Katherine Patton said...

Thanks for the update-I will pass it along on the Walker County Soil & Water Conservation facebook page.