Thursday, September 27, 2012

Smith Lake Clean Up, October 5-6

Greetings, WCSLAINC members, Smith Lake Stake Holders and friends of Smith Lake,

   I hope this finds you all well. Another season has come and gone and hopefully you got to spend some quality time with family and friends here on the lake. While on the lake I bet you noticed the scarcity of any beaded styrofoam floating or lodged on the bank.  This didn't happen by accident, it was through the hard work of the many volunteers associated with WCSLAINC, SLEPC and The Smith Lake Civic Association that this eyesore, navigation hazard and threat to fish and wildlife was removed.  To all those that volunteered or supported us in anyway, we, WCSLAINC would like to thank you.

   The officers and board members of WCSLA feel that with the removal of most beaded styrofoam it is time to direct out attention to the smaller trash that accumulates in sloughs and pockets around the lake.  The type of trash I refer to is plastic bottles, smaller pieces of foam, glass etc..While riding the lake recently I must admit the lake looks great.  It is in the spring when the water levels rise that the debris I referred to floats out of the woods and thickets and negatively impacts beautiful Smith Lake.

  That being said, WCSLAINC is having a Lake Cleanup Friday Oct. 5 th and Saturday Oct. 6 th from 8:00 am till 2:00pm. The central meeting place is at King Boat Docks on Rock Creek. The start time will be 8:00 am.  Jim King Boat Docks is located at 202 Co. Rd. 4007 Crane Hill or GPS location 34 degrees 02' 11"N,   87 degrees 07' 43" W.  This is just north of Rock Creek Marina .This year we will concentrate our efforts in Rock Creek, White Oak, Crooked Creek and Little Crooked Creek.  We will have dumpsters at Jim Kings and the boat launch at Sway Back (Helican) Bridge and a utility trailer just upstream from Silver Rock Cove at a private boat ramp.  You can obtain trash bags from any of these locations. 

  Participants will be eligible for a drawing for some prizes that will be held after the cleanup on Saturday! Volunteer either or both days and your eligible.

  We invite everyone to participate young and old alike. If you don't have a boat we can transport you to a site.  Wear proper footwear bring a life jacket, a lunch or snacks, we can furnish drinks.  Come out and spend a beautiful Autumn day on the Lake!!

  For more information about the cleanup contact me , David Brown,  e-mail  phone : 256-747-2109 or Sammy Boggan phone : 205-215-4401


                                                                                    David Brown

                                                                                    President WCSLAINC


Robin Jack said...

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Robin Jack said...

I think it would have been a really big task to clean this lake as it is very long. I too show my gratitude towards those who volunteered to perform the task. Now there hard work and dedication is bringing happiness to all who see it and for them who live in that lake.
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Robin Jack said...

It makes me happy that anyone who loves nature is getting a chance to do his or her part. As mentioned that young and old alike, anyone can come and serve the nature. Against of it volunteers will be serving nature, spending a beautiful day at lake, making new friends, etc. It's just excellent.

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