Friday, March 2, 2012

Alabama Conservation Enforcement Officer Association Pledges Support for FAWN

The Alabama Conservation Enforcement Officer Association (ACEOA) has pledged $1,000 to the FAWN program this year.  The FAWN program reaches over 300 Winston County 6th graders each year.  The youth learn about natural resources, conservation, and safety, at an outdoor field day at the Houston Recreation Area in the Bankhead National Forest.  Through fund raising efforts of the WCNRC, youth are able to attend at no cost to the school system, or the students' families.  The WCNRC provides transportation and a free t-shirt to each student.  FAWN would not be possible without the support of volunteers and groups like the ACEOA.  Special thanks goes to Ernie Stephens, a Conservation Officer in Winston County, for leading the effort to secure this funding for FAWN.

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