Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photos from a Prescribed Burn in Winston County

Recently we conducted a prescribed burn on my forestland near Double Springs.  My plans were to conduct a burn every three years, but the last one was four years ago, so this one was a year behind schedule.  This practice was funded in part through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act's Hazard Mitigation program, which is administered by the Alabama Forestry Commission.  Tom Counts, a member of the WCNRC and a certified burn manager, was the contractor for the grant.  His company, Conservation Services of Alabama (CSA), provides services such as prescribed burning to landowners.  Prescribed burning is a lot of work, but it reduces the risk of devastating wildfire, increases wildlife forage, improves timber stand growth, and improves the forest's aesthetics.  Here's a collection of photos that were made during the prescribed burns.  Thanks to Tom, Debbie, Rebecca, and Bart for all the hard work that led to a safe and successful prescribed fire that met all the goals that we had for the project. 

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Mark said...

Nice photos as usual, Mike. Great job, Tom. Good to see private landowners making use of this very effective management tool.