Monday, March 28, 2011

Minutes of the March Council Meeting

Johnna Franks, Treasurer, called the meeting to order.  Present were:  Carl Godsey, Bill Snoddy, Johnna Franks, LaVerne Matheson, Mike Henshaw, and Jim Hughes.  Johnna reported that the balance in the treasury was $8,115.74.

Johnna also reported on the Arbor Week Tree Event at the Alabama Forestry Commission Office.  The Council made about $500 on the sale of the fruit plants, and the rest of the trees were available free-of-charge.  There was a strong demand for both the free trees and the fruit trees.  She noted that it was hard to gauge demand from year to year, and this year more fruit trees would have been sold had they been available.

The Council is applying for a $500 grant for the FAWN program from the Alabama Forests Forever Foundation.

James Burnett, EMA Director, reported on the 2011 Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant drill that will be held this spring.

A tour focusing on hardwoods will be held on Saturday, April 30th, in the Bankhead National Forest.

Jim Hughes reported on a project to plant eastern red cedar trees at the walking track in Double Springs.

The Council discussed tentative plans to hold the Helene Mosley TREASURE Forest Award Program at Loblolly Farm on Friday, October 7th.  Bill and Jeanie Snoddy have agreed to allow the Council to use their TREASURE forest as the site of the 2011 Award Program, which will be one of three held statewide.  Please mark your calendar, as this will be a major project for our council hosting landowners from across North Alabama.  Johnna said Chris Wright would be the lead organizer of the event.

The Alabama Forestry Commission is announcing the sign up dates for the Fire Hazard Mitigation Program that allows landowners to get cost-share funds to implement the use of prescribed fire and mulching to reduce fuel loads on Alabama forestland.  The signup begins May 2nd and ends May 31st.  Prescribed fire can be applied to 10-80 acres, or up to five acres can be mulched.  Landowners must own less than 250 acres total to be eligible for the program.

LaVerne announced the Slough Cleanup that will be sponsored by Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy Inc. on April 30th.  Details are here.  Another cleanup is planned for June.  Laverne also reported on the March Bacteria Blitz, the Rock Creek Watershed Management Grant, and the signs for the tributaries on Smith Lake.

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