Friday, July 23, 2010

Bankhead Liaison Panel

The Bankhead Liaison Panel's Restoration Monitoring Team has scheduled a field trip for Tuesday, July 27 to review forest stands in the Forest Health and Restoration Project that will be restored to hardwood forest and hardwood woodland. Recommendations will be made on treatments to achieve the restoration objectives. The field trip will begin at 8:00 at the Black Warrior Work Center.

The Bankhead Liaison Panel will meet at 5:00 PM on July 29 at the Moulton Recreation Center. The agenda includes updates on the Compartment 90, 91, 101 Timber Sale Contract and future stand improvement projects; remaining forest stands in the Forest Health & Restoration Project to be restored to hardwood forest; an Alabama A&M University research project on recreation on Bankhead National Forest; and an Alabama A&M University research proposal for a meteorological tower on Bankhead.

Members of the public interested in the management of Bankhead National Forest are invited to attend both meetings.

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