Friday, August 19, 2016

Minutes of August Council Meeting

August 18th Meeting of the WCNRC
In attendance Johnna, John and Allison.
Treasurer’s Report:  $2,400.94
  • Discussion on dwindling funds and ideas for fund raising.  Charge to WCNRC members – Come up with fund-raising/funding ideas.
  • Follow-up with ACEOA and Smith Lake Advocacy on funding request.
  • Marion County charges for advertisements on their FAWN t-shirts, something like $100/ad.  This has really helped them build up some budget. A good idea to consider for WCNRC.  
  • Tree Sale is another idea.  Johnna can check and see what might be available for this winter, but we didn’t order anything to be grown for a sale this year. 
  • Want to try to order and have a good sale in Winter 2018 for sure. See what we can do for Winter 2017.
  • Fawn – Didn’t get the $500 Legacy grant for t-shirts’s this year.  Have some leftover shirts from another year that may get us through this year.
  • Need dates, shooting for October.  Johnna will work on getting the dates from the schools.  Houston Rec Area will be the site again this year.  Again, need to come up with some funding ideas.
  • Johnna nominated the WCNRC for Council of the Year.
  • Discussion on Treasure Forest training that several of us attended at Wheeler this month.  Ideas for developing/recruiting great Treasure Forests and continuing to work with existing Treasure Forests in the county.  Continue to work on and discuss.  Joel Glover to provide us with an example of how his council works on this program.
  • Discussion on on-going work on Forest and in the County.  AFC – Johnna and Casey – are prepping fire lines for this years prescribed burns.
  • Bankhead welcomes a new Silviculturist, Jason Harris from the Mark Twain NF in MO.
  • Several folks out west supporting national wildfires.  Alabama sent a handcrew with GA/FL out west.
  • Upcoming meetings seminars – 

Allison Cochran

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