Friday, March 18, 2016

Minutes March WCNRC Meeting

The Winston County Natural Resources Council met on March 17, 2016, at the U. S. Forest Service Office in Double Springs.  The following persons were present:  William Green-TREASURE Forest Association, Rick Oates-TREASURE Forest Association, Allison Cochran, Bill Snoddy, Carl Godsey, John Creed, James Burnett, and Mike Henshaw.  The following issues were discussed:

  • William Green and Rick Oates brought us information about the new TREASURE Forest license plate promotion.  The goal is to have over 1,000 tags pre-ordered of the new design, which is pictured above.  The TREASURE Forest Association will rebate $25 from the sale of each tag back to an organization that helped promote the sale of that tag.  For instance the WCNRC will receive $25 for each tag it helps sell.  The application is available at this link.
     Winston TREASURE Forest Tag Form
  • Rick also gave an overview of the TREASURE Forest Association.  In 2013 the TREASURE Forest Association merged with ALFA.  He brought copies of the TREASURE Forest Association newsletter.  The association will reimburse groups that hold Classroom in the Forest or FAWN programs up to $250 for expenses.  He mentioned the annual meeting that will be held in Atmore this year.  He also reviewed the application and certification process to obtain TREASURE Forest status.
  • Johnna emailed that the balance in the treasury is $2,908.70.
  • Upcoming Shortleaf Pine Field Day at Desoto State Park on Friday, April 8.
  • Horses and Youth in the Forest on Saturday, April 9.  Horses and Youth in the Forest Flyer
     Horses in the Forest Flyer
  • Water Watch Water Resources Poster
  • Mosquitoes and Zika virus
  • W. Kelly Mosley Award
  • 4-H Centennial Youth Initiative 
  • Allison reported that the prescribed fire acreage for 2016 is 11,000 acres out of a goal of 20,000 acres.  Poor weather has hampered prescribed burning this year.  
  • Turkey season begins April 1
  • Allison gave a report on the Houston Longleaf pine restoration efforts.
  • The White nose Syndrome is expanding statewide, and caves are still closed on the Bankhead District, noted Allison.
  • Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy Inc. Public meeting to be held April 8, at Arley Traders and Farmers Bank.  WildSouth will be the guest speaker at this meeting.
  • WCSLAI will sponsor a lake cleanup on April 27-28, at Clear Creek.  Recent heavy rains have brought trash from higher elevations into the lake.
  • John Creed said landowners should be on the lookout for Southern Pine Beetle activity this spring and summer.
Mike Henshaw, Secretary

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