Monday, October 7, 2013

Feral Swine Workshop Well Attended

42 people attended the Feral Swine Workshop that was held in Double Springs on October 3, 2013.  This program was co-sponsored by a number of organizations including the Winston County Natural Resources Council, Winston County Commission, Winston County Emergency Management Agency, Black Warrior Wildlife Management Area, U. S. Forest Service, Alabama Department of Conservation of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA Wildlife Services, Town of Double Springs, and Alabama Cooperative Extension System. 
Debbie Flanagan and Johnna Franks register participants.
Matt Brock points out trap design.  This guillotine gate was
built by Travis McDonald.

Setting the trigger on the trap.

"Root" style trap gate.  This one on loan from Farmers Coop.

Yet another style gate provided by USFS.

Mike Bagwell shows a trap from Hawg Stopper LLC.

Wes Gaston with Wildlife Services explains swine diseases.

Andy Baril, Extension REA, explains problems caused
by feral swine in Alabama.

Spenser Bradley, Extension REA, offers some facts about
swine biology.

Ernie Stephens, Conservation Enforcement Officer, covers
laws governing feral swine in Alabama.

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