Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WCNRC April Field Trip to the Cane Creek Preserve

The April WCNRC meeting on Thursday, April 19th, will be a field trip to Cane Creek Preserve in Colbert County.  Tom Counts has made reservations with Jim Lacefield, the owner of the property.  Jim is a retired geology professor at the University of North Alabama, and the author of the book "Lost Worlds in Alabama Rocks."  Jim plans to meet with us and explain a little about the history of the Cane Creek Preserve.   We will have an optional hike on some of the preserve's trails and later have lunch at Tom and Debbie's home that is just minutes from Cane Creek Preserve.  Tom and Debbie will provide the food for our lunch, but participants may want to bring some water and snacks for the morning activities.  Thanks to Tom for making the arrangements for this trip.  We will meet at the U. S. Forest Service Office in Double Springs at 8:00 a.m.  We'll take as few vehicles as possible and depart shortly after 8 a.m.

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