Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feral Swine Season - March 1 - 14 - Black Warrior WMA

Feral Swine Season on the Black Warrior Wildlife Management Area is scheduled for March 1 - 14. Visit http://www.outdooralabama.com/ for more information on feral swine control and hunting opportunities.

On the March 1 - 14 feral swine hunt on Black Warrior WMA, legal arms and ammunition include firearms and archery legal for deer season on the WMA. A license and map permit are required. Hunter orange is required. Feral swine may also be hunted on the WMA during any other open season with the legal arms and ammunition for that open season, for example during squirrel season with legal firearm for squirrel. There is no bag limit on feral swine. Hunters are encouraged to report their feral swine harvest at the WMA headquarters.

Feral hogs are nuisance animals that take a toll on native game animals, like deer and turkey, and cause extensive damage to the land and native plants. Local land managers and land owners use a combination of methods to control the expanding feral swine population.

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