Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Meeting of WCNRC

WCNRC Hog Trapping Demonstration
The Winston County Natural Resources Council met on December 15th, at the Bankhead National Forest Office in Double Springs.  Members present were, Jeremy McDonald, Lorenzo Walton, James Burnett, Allison Cochran, Mike Henshaw, John Creed, Tom Counts, and Travis McDonald.

The following topics were discussed:
  • Invasive plant control-various sprayers used
  • Brown's Ferry Nuclear Power Plant Ingestion Pathway Exercise-James Burnett
  • "More Kids in the Woods" Grant Proposal-Allison Cochran
  • Auburn University School of Forestry Advisory Council Report-Tom Counts, AU Advisory Council Member
  • Future Outings Planned for Council-(Tentative Dates Below)
  • Center for Advanced Woodworking Technology in Haleyville-January 19, 2012
  • Cane Creek Preserve in Colbert County-April 19, 2012
  • Burnett Quail Farm near Addison-June 21, 2012
  • FAWN Program Article by Allison Cochran in Smith Lake Living magazine
After the general discussion, the group visited a variety of internet web pages such as Facebook sites, blogs focusing on feral hogs, and maps of hog activity in the region.  After discussing various possibilities, the group decided that more thought would be needed on how to create a good informational site related to feral hogs in this area.  Additional team members are needed that are knowledgeable about Facebook, and more help will be needed from the Black Warrior Wildlife Management Area.  Since new personnel are being hired at this time on the Black Warrior WMA, we'll wait to involve the new WMA manager in any future "hogblog" type effort.  For now, there will be additional links on hogs added to the WCNRC blog.

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