Monday, September 19, 2011

Minutes of the September WCNRC Meeting

The Winston County Natural Resources Council met on September 15, 2011, at the U. S. Forest Service Office in Double Springs.  In attendance were John Sudduth, Tim Albritton, LaVerne Matheson, Carl Godsey, Allen Varner, Johnna Franks, Chris Wright, Allison Cochran, Mike Henshaw, Jeremy McDonald, Tom Counts, John Creed, Tom Snoddy, Tony Avery, Jim Hughes, Elrand Denson, and Bill Snoddy.

Johnna stated that the balance in the treasury is $14,073.94.  Some of these funds are earmarked for specific activities, such as the fishing derby.

The FAWN dates are Thursday, October 20th, and Friday, October 21st, please mark your calendars for these important dates.  Mike Henshaw will prepare FAWN Programs and send them to all the participants.  

The following points were discussed about the North Region Forestry Field Day:
  • Commercial and Educational Vendors
  • Tables and Tents
  • Learning Station locations
  • Trailers
  • CFE’s
  • Awards Program
The next planning meeting for the field day will be on September 22nd at 9:30 a.m. at Loblolly Farm.

Tom Snoddy introduced himself as the Assign-A-Highway Program Manager.  He gave a brief report on the number of people enrolled in the program and the amount of litter cleaned from county roads.

Elrand noted that the Shortleaf Pine Symposium would be held on September 20-22.  The Hardwood Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, September 24th.

Mike Henshaw, Secretary

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