Monday, December 13, 2010

Arley Students Sing the 12 days of Fitness

Meek Elementary students learned about the 12 Days of Fitness.

Singing and acting out the movements of the song to the tune of the "12 Days of Christmas" the students got a workout during the after-school program.

“On the first day of fitness, my trainer gave to me”
- 12 jumping jacks
- 11 raise the roofs
- 10 knee lifts
- 9 side stretches
- 8 jogs in place
- 7 jabs/punches
- 6 kicks to the front
- 5 hula hoops (imaginary)
- 4 jumping ropes (imaginary)
- 3 muscle poses
- 2 scissors (feet apart then cross in front, feet apart then cross in back)
- 1 stork stand (balance on one foot)

After working out for several minutes they transitioned into putting together a bag of trail mix to take home to gift to another or themselves. Ingredients in the trail mix included lots of healthy options -- from dried cranberries, to soynuts, to sunflower seeds, and even whole grain oats.

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