Friday, June 26, 2009

Winston Hardwood Lumber Tour

Winston Hardwood Lumber hosted the Winston County Natural Resources Council for a tour of the mill. Thanks to Mac McAlpine, his son Will Romine, Chip Hughes, and all the employees at the mill that patiently answered our many questions. The mill buys oak and poplar logs, and saws them into graded hardwood lumber. The wood goes to various customers in the housing industry for molding, cabinets, furniture, and flooring. Lower grade wood is used for pallets and crates. The remaining wood, sawdust, and bark is sold for fuel. With the current housing slowdown, demand for wood products is down, which in turn affects the hardwood market. For some on the tour, it was their first look at a mill with so much computerized equipment. Thanks again to Winston Hardwood Lumber for hosting the tour. Click here for more photos from the tour.

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