Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking for Volunteers

Greetings to all once again! Since my last post [yesterday :-)] we have decided to look for some volunteers to help with the roadside inspections that take place twice a month. This would simply mean that you would drive through an assigned section of highway to make sure that the garbage is being picked up. If the filled bags are still on site we would like you to make sure they are being placed in the proper location and that the bag tags are being attached. If any of you think you might be interested in being a Volunteer Inspector please give me a call at 205-489-8887 for more information. I currently have workers in the following areas:
Addison: County Road 41 North, County Road 39 North and County Road 99
Arley: County Road 41 near Duncan Bridge
Double Springs: 3 sections of Hwy 195 (from Scenic Drive to the Walker Co line)
County Road 327 and County Road 28
Haleyville: County Road 11
Grayson area: County Road 63 and County Road 3171

Thank you! Crystal

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