Thursday, March 26, 2009

Privet Control Demonstraton at 4-H Outdoor Classroom

As part of the 4-H Outdoor Classroom, Mr. Byron Tuggle's Agriscience Class at Winston County High School applied for and received a grant to control invasive privet that had engulfed the fence rows around the school's campus. The grant was provided by the Northwest Alabama RC & D Council. The funds from this grant went to purchase some imazapyr herbicide, which is very effective in controlling privet. The "before" treatment photo was taken in late September, 2008, just before the plants were treated. Imazapyr is not a fast acting herbicide, so we had to wait until spring to see if it worked. The "after" treatment photo was taken a few days ago on March 18, 2009. Three of Mr. Tuggle'sclasses are in the "after" photo; he insisted that all three be there for the photo since they'd all been a part of the effort. The total area of privet treated was estimated at 2 acres. The treatment seems to have been effective at this stage. "Clicking" on any of the photos will show larger version of them. Winston County landowners that would like to undertake privet control on their property can call me at (205) 489-5376. Privet control incentives are available under the NRCS's EQIP program. For more information on EQIP call Wade Hill at (205) 921-3103.

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