Thursday, October 21, 2021

October 2021 Meeting Summary

WCNRC Meeting Summary, October 21, 2021 Members attending - Jamie Segroves, John Creed, Mike Henshaw, Lauranne James, Zack Brannon, Allison Cochran -PJ Gossett, treasurer, accepted a new position out of the County and may resign the Council. At this time, we request PJ (not present) to continue fulfilling the treasurer position until we can determine if there is anyone available to take it on. John Creed can write checks on behalf of the Council. -Wild Pig Workshop at Grant Hayes farm was fairly well attended with excellent evaluations. Allison has submitted receipts to the ANRC for reimbursement. Allison will check on whether the remaining grant funds may be used on a future event or we would need to reapply. (Approximately $500 of $1000 grant were spent.) Thanks to all who attended and participated. -Council goal for a Fall 2022 workshop/field day at the Bill Self property in cooperation with Marion County Committee and AFA and others. -Council goal for a Late April/Early May FAWN program at Houston Rec. -Council goal for a Summer 2022 Kids Fishing Derby. -Alabama Cooperative Extension System - Winston County is hiring a 4-H program coordinator, vice Keri Roberts. Zack is managing 4-H programs at this time. -Alabama Forestry Commission is preparing firelines and beginning prescribed burns. -Discussion on need to recruit private landowners to WCNRC. -Bankhead National Forest had several updates including on-going road maintenance by Forest Service staff. Two citizen science projects are moving forward with excellent support from partners. One is focused on Hemlock Wooly Adelgid monitoring. A second project is collecting white oak acorns for a hardwood planting project in the Balls Mountain/Rabbittown area. Endangered rush darter surveys continued this summer which have illustarted even more how unique our area is and the many things we are learning about this rare fish and its habitat. This is complimentary to the AFA and Winston County Commission work on aquatic organism passage in the southern portion of the County. And, it can help inform land management,particularly in riparian areas, on public and private land. Wild pig control in collaboration with many partners will begin in the Sipsey Wilderness Area and will focus on water quality and vegetation impacts. Local positions may be filled with USDA Wildlife Services, so recruitment assistance is requested. Finally, the boom in Smith Lake housing developments and associated roads and utility easements are taxing our special use system and employees and this is directly affecting our work on recreation projects. This sparked discussion on erosion and siltation associated with development and the need for WCNRC to look into a public workshop with developers and builders, perhaps partnering with AFA, AWW, and the local lake advocacy groups on road and development best management practices. Failing erosion control measures or sediment sites can be reported to ADEM and Alabama Power Company, as they are the permitting organizations. -RC&D had their Annual meeting and there is a new group covering our area; North Alabama Trails and Recreation Group. Jared Carter is the program lead and will be invited to present on this 16 county project focusing on outdoor recreation/trails.He is aware of the Mims/Sipsey Fork launch site and potential project. The group will host an expo in Decatur in October to highlight what North Alabama has to offer in terms of outdoor recreation. Lauranne secured a grant for an outreach project which can host landowner tours and partner with other projects. She has 60 projects with several in Winston County. Reach out if we come up with a need. -Mike Henshaw brought a pipevine swallowtail host plant, an Astrolochia (Dutchman's pipevine), that he grew from seed. -Members spotted a roosting big brown bat in the Houston pavilion and looked at bat guano for identification purposes. -PJ submitted the treasurer report: Beginning Balance, 8/31/2021: $8,065.49 Wild Pig Workshop expenditures Talmadge Septic Service: $250; Winston County Extension Office for Supplies: $108.67; Hyatt's Market: $180.81. Electronic Draft for New Checks: $30.55 Interest: $0.32 Ending Balance, 9/30/2021: $7,495.78 -Next meeting is November 18th at 0900 at the Houston Recreation Area.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Winston County Natural Resources Council Meeting - October 21st at 9:00 at Houston Recreation Area

The October meeting of the Natural Resources Council is Thursday, October 21st at 9:00 AM at the Houston Recreation Area Day Use pavilion.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Thursday, September 16, 2021

FAWN Postponed

The Winston County Natural Resources Council met Tuesday, September 14, 2021, at Grant Hayes' farm in Addison for the feral hog workshop. Present were Zack Brannon, Mike Henshaw, Casey Hammack, Jamie Seagrove, Mark Finley and P.J. Gossett. The only business conducted consisted of the upcoming Forestry Awareness Week Now program usually scheduled in October in conjuction with sixth grade classes throughout the county. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic regarding the schools, Zack made a suggestion to postpone FAWN until the spring. It was agreed to postpone the event. In case the spring is not a good choice either, the students can still participate remotely by watching the videos created last year. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 21, 2021, at 9 a.m. The location has not been confirmed, though the meeting will likely take place at the Houston Recreation Area. Be sure to check the blog for news.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Wild Pig Management Workshop Planned For September 14th near Addison. FREE EVENT. REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Call 205 489 5376

Winston County Natural Resources Council Bylaws

BYLAWS WINSTON COUNTY NATURAL RESOURCES COUNCIL Drafted February 1, 2021 Approved August 19, 2021 Preamble Winston County has many outstanding qualities. The spirit of cooperation which exists among government agencies, forest landowners and private organizations with natural resources interests is one of them. A number of federal, state, and county agencies in Winston County, as elsewhere, have authority to address natural resource issues. It is important that these agencies cooperate with each other and with private forest resource interests for the benefit of the County, in general and the natural resources, in particular. Name and Affiliation The name of this organization is the Winston County Natural Resources Council, previously known as the Winston County Forestry Planning Committee. This organization is affiliated with the Alabama Natural Resources Council. Purpose and Mission The Winston County Natural Resource Council (WCNRC) was organized sometime in the 1980’s. The mission of the WCNRC has evolved based upon the needs and goals of the members. The mission is to promote sound, sustainable natural resources management in Winston County and surrounding areas. Vision The mission is implemented through these working principles, our vision; Promote an awareness of the values and abundance of natural resources in Alabama, specifically in Winston County and surrounding areas. Promote an awareness of natural resources management techniques and programs available to landowners and organizations. Promote an awareness of ecological relationships and interdependence, specifically related to healthy forests and ecosystems and pests or threats. Provide natural resources education to adults and children. Establish and maintain good communications and a spirit of cooperation among government entities, landowners, private organizations, and user groups who have responsibilities and interests in natural resources. Develop, foster and mentor natural resources leaders in our community. Motto Promoting wise stewardship of Alabama’s natural resources, particularly those in Winston County. Officers, Election Process and Terms Officer positions include Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Nominations will be made from members for officers at the end of their terms. These nominations will be presented at the January meeting for a vote. The officers are elected at the January meeting and assume their positions immediately thereafter. Terms are for two years. Terms are off set for continuity of officers. Chair and Secretary shall be nominated and approved in even years and Vice Chair and Treasurer shall be in odd years. Officer elections are documented in meeting notes. Four consecutive absences by an officer will result in the ability of the other officers to revoke title at which time nominations will be taken to fill that role. Once nominations have been made and a majority vote received by members present for the new officer they will assume their positions immediately thereafter. Membership Membership is determined by the WCNRC. Membership is open to all federal, state, and county agencies, institutions and private organizations and citizens with forest and natural resource interests. The acceptance of a membership is subject to the approval of the WCNRC, consensus of members present. Membership is documented in meeting notes. Meetings Regular meetings of the WCNRC are monthly. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month. Additional meetings may be held as necessary. Deviations to meeting schedules may be made by members, for example not to hold a December meeting or to meet at FAWN in lieu of an October meeting, but at least 6 meetings per year shall be held. Quorum A simple majority of the WCNRC membership present at a meeting constitutes a quorum for the purpose of transacting business at all regular and special meetings. Voting For all matters of business, a simple majority approval of the total WCNRC membership shall govern the action of the Council. Special Committees Special committees may be appointed by the Chair of the WCNRC with approval by WCNRC members. The duties of all special committees are described by the WCNRC at the time of their appointment. Such committees cease to function at the time the work assignment is completed. There are no standing Special Committees. Annual Work Plan The WCNRC officers and committee chairs (if any) communicate prior to the January meeting to discuss the annual work of the WCNRC. Any work plans developed by the standing committees will be presented for approval at the January meeting. These work plans will be the foundation from which the WCNRC will set goals for the coming year. Finance Funds of the Winston County Natural Resources Council shall be under the supervision and handled by the Treasurer. The financial records shall be periodically examined by an independent CPA and a WCNRC member. An annual report to the membership of calendar-year income and expenses with starting and ending balances is shared at the January meeting and for tax reporting. Funds are held in a federally-insured savings and loan association. Funds are derived from donations, work projects (such as tree sales or workshop registrations), and grants. Annual tax filings, where required by law, are done through an independent CPA and reported to the membership by the IRS deadline. In addition to the Treasurer, one other member shall be named on and have access to the bank account, checks, and records. That second member has no term and is available to support the Council in the Treasurer’s absence. Amendments Amendments to the bylaws may be adopted at any meeting of the WCNRC by a simple majority of the total membership.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Alabama Landowners Conference set for October 21-22 in Columbiana

The 2021 Alabama Landowners Conference and Alabama Natural Resources Council Awards Banquest is scheduled for October 21-22 in Columbiana. This year's conference includes landowner tours, plus information on longleaf management, turkey management, agency updates, carbon credits, using private contractors and forest health. Preregistration is required. Visit more information and to register.